What Is Textured Paint?


Textured paint refers to the way the final painted wall will feel when the paint has dried. The texture will give paint a different look because of the various designs and shadows cast by textures. There are many different textured paint looks, and they all serve different purposes.

The term textured paint refers to a special kind of paint that gives the wall a texture. Most often, these textured paints are a base, which you would then paint another color over. These paints do add to the surface area of a wall, so when you paint over the texture with a color, you are going to have to use more paint than you would for painting a flat wall.

Purpose of Textured Paint

The main thing that textured paint does is that it covers up any uneven marks or shadows on walls. If you have a wall that has dents, or if the plaster is unevenly smoothed, covering it with textured paint will mask those imperfections.

Textured paint is also often used for painting ceilings. This is done for similar reasons to why you would use textured paint on a wall. It hides any seams or electrical marks on the ceiling, which could look bad if left uncovered.

Orange Peel

Orange peel texture is another fairly common texture. It has round, flat bubbles of paint that give the final version the look of an orange peel, hence its name.

To create an orange peel wall, you would essentially have to spray drywall onto the existing wall. These drops of drywall will create the orange peel texture. After it has dried, you can paint over it in any color that you want. The technique is only adding more drywall, so treat the orange peel wall the same way that you would a blank flat wall when you are painting.

Slap Brush

This is a very easy way to texture a wall, and it looks almost like the veins of a leaf. It works to cover marks and uneven walls the same way that an orange peel or popcorn texture does.

To make a slap brush textured wall, all you need to do is paint over a wall with a drywall mixture, and then use a slap brush tool to add more of the same drywall mixture, giving the wall the right texture.

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