Our Story

Joe Grywalski, the owner of JNG Painting & Decorating LLC, started his dream job in 1979 when he was cast in a Vegas Style Review “A Salute to the Superstars.” He had studied Theatre and dance at Kent State University where he learned not only acting and dancing, but set design and painting. His first exposure to Faux Painting! This had intrigued him as he always liked to draw as a youngster. Moving to LA in 1978 with a family friend from his hometown, Joe was able to study and perform on TV and stage. After a cattle call in LA for a TV Special where they needed 6 male dancers, Joe was not hired, but got a call from a producer that cast him in this dream job! This is where he met the mother of his 3 daughters. All dancers now of course!

Life Changes

Joe worked for a couple years in this production, but it finally came to a close. At this time he got the news that they are pregnant! Living in Chicago at the time, Joe started painting with a local company that did high-end exteriors homes in the Evanston area. This lasted until winter when he received an offer to move to Columbus, Ohio where his brother was head of a construction company. They were growing and needed a full-time painter for the 100 new homes they were getting ready to build.

This contract led him to hiring a number of employees to help in his efforts. All was working fine, but Joe was getting bored with the same old same old. So he decided to expand into custom and decorative finishes. Being an artist at heart, this new effort became his passion. He then started to do more high-end homes with other builders, somewhere quite large. Until he ran into a custom home for a Malpractice Suit Attorney…Loved everything until the end when everything was wrong…leading to no pay for the job. Joe was devastated and laid off all his workers and was ready to throw in the towel. Trying to finish up a few jobs on his own, Joe kept going, hiring back 3 employees. Moving very slowly this time, he managed to keep the boat afloat.

Joe Grywalski

Business Niche

Joe, always on the search for improvement, ran across a Business Coach online, Steve Burnett with DYB Coach. This relationship has inspired him to grow and expand the business into the Cabinet Refinishing Niche as a specialty along with the custom interiors. Now, this has fulfilled his desire to help others make their dreams come true. Not only for the homeowner, but the individual looking for a career in the Painting and Decorating Industry!

At JNG Painting and Decorating LLC. Your Dreams Are Our Passion! Share them with Us! We would love to serve you!

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