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Cabinet Painters in Worthington, OH

Cabinets are your kitchen’s trim. Add flair and style to this household room by contacting JNG Painting and Decorating for quality cabinet painters in Worthington, OH!

Farmers across Ohio come to Worthington’s farmer markets to sell their fresh produce, foods, and other goods. While this is exciting for individual sellers and small businesses, it’s also ideal for the average resident who loves to cook up a storm in their kitchen. However, if dingy cabinets fade the look of your culinary masterpieces, call JNG Painting and Decorating for the best cabinet painters in Worthington, OH. 

Your cabinets see a lot of action that leaves them with scrapes, discoloration, and stains. Rather than cover them up, fix all concerns with one kitchen cabinet painting, satisfaction guaranteed! 

Professional Cabinet Painters in Worthington, OH

Why Consider Cabinet Painting in Worthington, OH

Cabinet painters in Worthington, OH, help you raise your property value with professional painting services. However, you may want to do a DIY refinishing or painting project, but only the professionals know all the steps that’ll get you the flawless appearance you demand. Without them, you’ll have dripping paint, off-colored hues, and unsightly streaks. 

Worthington has appeared five times in Ohio Magazine’s “Best Places to Live in Ohio,” giving it the official title of the “City of Beautiful Homes.” However, beauty isn’t only skin-deep here, with interior design proving just as crucial in your home’s aesthetics. Whether you’ve just moved into a new home that needs a pick-me-up or are looking for a refreshing change, begin your redesign in the kitchen.

Why Hire Worthington, OH, Cabinet Painters

The first homes in Worthington, OH, were built in 1803, making all surviving structures from that century classic homes. If you’re the owner of one of these historic houses, you’ll want to keep the original color scheme to maintain the value of your home. Cabinet painters specialize in color schemes and are willing to research your home to guarantee your new paint job matches your it’s structure and design. 

After choosing the correct colors, Worthington experts make your kitchen look decades younger by uninstalling cabinet doors and removing the old paint before sanding off imperfections. Professionals also use a quality primer under two paint layers for optimal color transfer. Top cabinet painters in Worthington, OH, clean the area, keeping you from lifting a finger through the entire process. 

Kitchen cabinet refinishing requires more than a paintbrush and the first can of paint you see. For specialized cabinet painting in Worthington, OH, trust experts with a seven-year workmanship warranty!

What Our Customers Are Saying

Interior stair rail. JNG responded promptly to my phone inquiry. Immediately set an appointment quoted by that evening. Joe had before and after pictures of their work providing visual and options for us to make an informed decision. He was able to fit us in their schedule sooner than expected. His staff were also professional, prompt and neat. We will be using their services in the near future.

Candice Richardson

JNG Painting and Decorating were professional, showed up on time, thorough and Joe the owner checked in daily and gave us status updates. They were courteous and timely and did a beautiful transformation to our kitchen. We got new cabinet doors, they painted our cabinets box and used wood filler to remove all the wood grain from showing through. We will definitely use them for future projects.

Charles Wiley

The transformation of my kitchen cabinets has been awesome. Joe was very responsive to my initial inquiry, set up a quick visit to prepare a cost estimate and describe the process his team uses to paint cabinets. I was really pleased with the scheduling to do the actual work. JNG’s painters were very efficient, professional, and personable. Love the finished project.

Pat Shields

Top Cabinet Painters in Worthington, OH

Finding the appropriate experts can be just as difficult as finding the right paint color. Our team comprises regular W-2 employees, unlike other companies that hire sub-contractors, so you’ll always see a friendly face if you regularly count on us. Each employee is licensed and insured, ready to offer cabinet painting services alongside backsplash, countertop, and flooring solutions.

For cabinet painters in Worthington, OH, with years of five-star experience, call JNG Painting and Decorating at 614-209-8569 for a free estimate today!

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