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Best Colors for a Master Bedroom

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Few rooms in your house have greater decorating magnitude or sentimental significance than your master bedroom. On the one hand, you want it to be a décor masterpiece, a place where you really show off and do some of your most dynamic decorating. On the other hand, it should be an intimate space for yourself and whomever you choose to share it with, and it needs to be a space where you both feel comfortable.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at what colors can bring out the best in your master bedroom.

  1. Blues of All Hues

From Van Gogh’s deep blue “Starry Night” to Picasso’s Blue Period to Carl Sagan’s description of Earth as viewed from satellite photos as the “The Pale Blue Dot,” few colors capture the serenity and infinity of life and the great beyond than the bottomless beauty of blue. This versatility, expressiveness, and particular knack for capturing something serene and comforting has made blue by far one of the most popular colors for decorating your master bedroom.

Of course, different blues can say very different things. Sea or sky blue can give your room a calmer, brighter feeling, while a darker, fuller blue can give a sense of depth and magnitude.

  1. Join Team Green

It’s Not Easy Being Green,” but it’s still an easy choice as far as master bedroom accent and primary colors are concerned. It is second only to blue as a color, in part because, as Kermit the Frog informs us in the song, green is “the color of spring” and “can be cool and friendly-like.”

This once again depends a great deal on what kind of green you choose. Deeper greens can evoke a mighty forest, light green can evoke grassy plains, and pale green a sense of intangible natural calmness, while electric green goes in the complete opposite direction and can be quite eye-catching if not overwhelming.

  1. Lavender Beauty

Maybe you’re looking for a color that’s a bit more flowery than blue or green. If, so, why not choose some flowery shades of purple, violet, and of course lavender? These can again be as dark or light as you like. Purple has also long been associated with royalty, so it can give your master bedroom a sense of class.

  1. Bright Accents

Some colors, such as orange and yellow, might be a bit bright for the whole room, but that’s no reason that they can’t be used in moderation to bring out the underlying beauty of your master bedroom as an accent color.

For example, electric greens and blues, as mentioned, can be a bit much when used on their own but can spark a décor scheme to life when used as an accent for a milder complementary color. The same can be said for bright oranges, reds, and yellows. Accents are a good idea anyway since they help you avoid a monotonous monochrome master bedroom décor scheme.

Anyone of these hues can help you beautify your master bedroom. Ready to refresh your bedroom with a paint job? Turn to local painters to get the job done right.

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