What to Expect From a Cabinet Color Consultation

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Kitchen cabinets serve as focal points for many homes. This makes finding the ideal cabinet color essential to creating the ambiance you want. Local kitchen cabinet painters can help you find a paint color that will perfectly complement the rest of the room. Here’s what to expect when you schedule a color consultation.

Professional Guidance

Kitchen cabinet painters are experienced in selecting colors to help achieve the right atmosphere in a room. Professional guidance will involve discussing what you want in a kitchen and how to achieve your goals with the color of your cabinets.

Color Swatches

A big part of a color consultation is reviewing color swatches. Local kitchen cabinet painters will show you a variety of paint swatches in addition to samples of what specific wood finishes will look like. Having a visual representation of how different paints will look once they dry will help you visualize the effect a color will have on your kitchen.

Cost Estimate

As you review the various colors and finishes available, a professional will give you an estimate on the total price of redoing your kitchen cabinets. According to Proline Range Hoods, about 80% of homeowners splurge on at least one new kitchen feature during a remodel. It’s essential to have an accurate idea of what you’ll be spending on your cabinets, especially if you’re upgrading other areas of your kitchen and need to budget accordingly.

Your Style

A consultant will need to know your personal style to help you choose a cabinet color that complements your aesthetic. For example, black kitchen cabinets are trending, but they won’t coordinate well with a bohemian style. If you’re not sure of the exact look you want, a professional can help you find it. They’ll discuss things like your preferences and kitchen decor to help you choose the right cabinet color for your needs.

Lighting and Space

Lighting and space play a critical role in finding the right kitchen cabinet color. For example, a small kitchen without a lot of natural light needs kitchen cabinets in a lighter color, as using a dark color can make the space feel cramped and unwelcoming. The more natural light you have in a kitchen, the more you can experiment with darker cabinet shades.

Local kitchen cabinet painters have the right knowledge and experience to help you discover the ideal color to suit your kitchen. Contact JNG Painting & Decorating to schedule a color consultation today!

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