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What Kind of Paint to Use in a Bathroom

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Bathrooms need frequent repainting due to the humidity and wear and tear that they have to withstand. However, repainting the bathroom is trickier than doing the same for most other rooms. You cannot use the same kind of paint in a bathroom that you would elsewhere.

Here is your guide to picking out the right paint for your bathroom.

Bathroom Paint

The easiest way to tell if the paint is right for your bathroom project is to look at the can’s label. Most paint companies sell paint that is specifically formatted to withstand damp conditions in a bathroom, conveniently labeled as bathroom paint. 

Buying bathroom paint is the best way to be sure that you are getting a type of paint that can withstand the challenges of staying on bathroom walls. However, bathroom paint tends to be pricier than other kinds of paint and has fewer options in terms of color and texture. If you are not a fan of the bathroom paint selection in your local hardware store, there are other ways that you can find the right can.

Look at the Finish

The type of finish that your paint has will determine how well it stands up to the difficult conditions in the bathroom, particularly the high moisture content. Shinier paints are the best for the bathroom. That is because the high gloss content creates a hard exterior layer once it dries, which stops the wall from absorbing water. By contrast, matte paints are softer and absorb more moisture.

The best finishes for bathroom paints are glossy, semi-gloss, or satin formulas. All three of these have just enough gloss to protect walls from humidity and moisture. However, sometimes the shiny texture makes your decor look a little tacky and you will have to find ways to tone down the finish.

If you are set on having matte or eggshell paint in your bathroom, then look for matte paint that is specifically formulated for bathroom use. Major painting companies such as Benjamin Moore and Zinsser have paints like these.

Look for Mildew-Resistant Properties

You want your bathroom paint to be as durable as possible. The high moisture content in your bathroom could seep into the walls. Not only will this make your paint uglier, but it could also cause lasting problems such as mold and mildew.

That is why the best paints for the bathroom have mildew-resistant formulas. Paints with these special formulas prevent the growth of mold and mildew (as long as the surfaces beneath the paint are clean). Most mildew-resistant paints contain FDA-certified antimicrobial formulas, guaranteeing that they work.

If you have frequent mold issues in your bathroom, then be sure to get mildew and mold-resistant paint to prevent the spores from growing on your walls again. However, this is not a foolproof solution and if the problem persists, a fresh coat of paint is not all that you need to solve it.

By looking at these criteria, you can choose the right paint for your bathroom. Whether you’re ready to repaint your bathroom, consider working with a professional wall and cabinet painting company for the best results.

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