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What Color Should I Paint My Kitchen?

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The soul of home decorating is finding a balance between form and function, and few spaces exemplify that to a greater degree than kitchens. Everything about your kitchen space from the floors and kitchen cabinets to the appliances and tables are bound up in that balance. What’s more, not only do they need to strike that balance themselves, but they need to be coordinated with the room’s overall aesthetic scheme – and that’s dictated in large part by the paint color you choose. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best paint color choices for kitchens.

1. Sleek Whites and Greys
This is a perfect example of how minimalism can triumph in interior decorating and the kitchen in particular. Pairing sleek whites with cool greys can be a great way to make your interior décor feel minimalist and modern. If there’s a problem with white in the kitchen, it’s the same as it is in any other interior decorating or fashion sense – it hides nothing and shows everything. If there’s a stain, you and everyone else will see it. This is by far one of the most high maintenance color choices on this list. That said, if you’re willing to spend the time to keep everything squeaky clean, it could also be one of the most fashionable and rewarding.

2. Rustic Reds and Browns
In contrast to the cool detached nature of minimalism, rustic décor schemes are all about bringing out a heartier sense of home. In doing so, a lot of wood paneling is often featured, and a warmer red can often pair very well with that. Of course, that means choosing a red that actually compliments the type of wood paneling you are using. Chances are if you are going with a lighter or more muted wood grain color you don’t want to go with fire engine red. Instead, you want to choose deep burgundies and reddish-browns that can accent the wood grain without being the same as them.

3. Blues of All Hues
There’s no denying that blue is one of the most beloved colors in all of interior decorating, and that extends to the kitchen as well. While it’s more often used in bedrooms, bathrooms, and hallways, light blues as an accent color can be a great way to help your kitchen stand out. By contrast, deep blues near furnishings can help create a sense of depth.

4. Other Color Ideas
If you can’t get enough of plant life and have some in your kitchen, you might want to consider some pine green coloring. On the flip side, splattered white and black paint against red brick is one of the trendiest kitchen décor schemes today and is very affordable. Mixtures of different colors, such as black-white-grey and reddish-green blends, can give your kitchen a more nuanced, multilayered look.

Whichever color you choose, make sure to coordinate it with the walls, floors, paneling, and tables. These and other kitchen paint colors like them can serve up a world of decorating possibilities.

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