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Top 5 Woods for Quality Kitchen Cabinets

When you decide to replace the cabinets in your kitchen, it is important to choose quality materials so that they will last. Natural wood cabinets can last many years, and they are beautiful, versatile, and give you control over the design. Take a look at the top five kinds of wood for quality kitchen cabinets. 


One of the most commonly used woods is oak. Oak trees grow in all parts of the world, so it is easy to find. In addition, oak is easy to stain and finish and it is very durable. It works well in just about any style of kitchen. Oak is attractive with graining that shows no matter what color stain you use. In addition, it ranges in color from light tan to deep brown. You can make it any shade you like, and it is a strong wood that can last many years. 


Another popular wood for cabinets is hickory. It is durable and affordable, and it is readily available. There are a lot of different species of hickory, and it is one of the sturdiest types of wood out there. It comes in a range of shades, from almost a white color to dark brown. It works well with natural and light stains, but you can use any color. People like this wood for cabinets because it is high quality, easy to find, and will last a long time. 


Maple is an adaptable wood that produces an attractive look. It is easy to work with, and it can be stained any color without losing its look. Maple trees are abundant in Asia, so a lot of maple cabinets are made there. They are affordable, and maple is strong and resilient. The grain markings are subtle and more uniform than other woods. 


Pine wood is popular because it is one of the most affordable quality woods. This type of wood is easier to antique or distress, and this makes it popular for country-style kitchens. It has a yellow hue, which helps it provide a rustic look. It is usually a light-colored wood, and you can stain it. However, it isn’t as strong as other woods, so it can be damaged more easily than other woods. 


Cherry wood is softer than a strong wood such as oak, and it has a beautiful red undertone. This type of wood is one of the more expensive types, but it is durable and versatile, and people love to have it for the quality and the unique look. Cherry wood makes high-quality cabinets, and it is very attractive in your kitchen. 

Final Words

When you are looking for quality wood for your kitchen cabinets, you have a number of different options. Whether you need cabinet painting or installation, make sure you take the time to make the right choice. Woods range in color from almost white to rich red tones to deep brown. Quality cabinet woods are durable and easy to work with, and you can use stain to make the hue work with your decor. You can choose any of these five kinds of wood when you are choosing cabinets for your kitchen. 

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