Tips for Correcting Common Paint Problems


Painting is a very popular DIY project. Not only can most people do it themselves but painting a room can transform your space and make it feel clean and fresh. However, painting comes with a set of potential issues. Luckily, there are ways painters can address and correct these common paint problems.

Paint Stain on the Carpet

If you are using a latex paint, you can fix this problem easily. If the paint is wet, take a towel soaked in hot water and blot the paint until it is gone. If it is already dried, you can soak it with hot water or a mixture of hot water and dishwashing detergent and then blot it once the paint has softened.

Drips on the Wall

If you finish painting and find that latex paint has dripped down the walls, you can salvage the paint job. If they are fresh drips that are still wet, wipe them off with a towel right away or go over them with a paintbrush. If you find the drips after they have already dried, you can sand them down and repaint.

If your paint has splattered onto the wood floor, it will peel away if you run a razor blade under it. You can prevent these drips on the floor or the carpet by putting a drop cloth down.

Paint That Looks Wrinkled

When the paint on your walls looks wrinkly, it has been applied too heavily. Sometimes this means that you didn’t wait long enough between coats and sometimes it happens because the temperature is too hot or too cold. You can fix it by waiting for the area to dry and then sand it down. Dust the wall and reapply the paint, using primer first if necessary.

The Old Color Bleeds Through

This can happen if you are painting over a darker color and you don’t prime the walls first. A coat of primer will cover the old paint color so that it won’t bleed through. To fix this, apply the primer over it. If that doesn’t cover the color, use a second coat of primer. Then you can paint the walls.

Lint on the Paint Roller

To prevent this problem, you need to wash the roller with warm water. Once it dries, you can use duct tape to pull any lint off the roller. If it has been mixed into the paint on your walls, you need to sand over the spot and then apply primer and paint.

The Color Is Brighter Than You Expected

So many factors affect how a color appears once it is on the walls. Sometimes people are caught by surprise when a color appears brighter than they expected. If you want to lighten it, you can ask the paint store to do it for you. They will add some white until it is the color you want. Then you can apply a coat over the bright color to tone it down.

Blending an Area That Is Patched

If you patch part of a wall, you need to use primer before you paint so that the patch won’t show. If you find that it does, just reapply the primer and then repaint the wall.

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