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Revamp Your Kitchen with Cabinet Painting: 5 Colors to Consider

Cabinets are essential elements of any kitchen setup. According to Mordor Intelligence, the kitchen cabinet market is expected to be worth $160 billion by 2025. It’s not hard to see why kitchen cabinets are valued so highly, considering their utility and aesthetic value. You can enhance their aesthetic value further by investing in cabinet painting. Pick out the best colors for your kitchen cabinets by continuing below!

1. Showcase the Classic Beauty of White Paint

Many homeowners still use white paint despite the sheer volume of available options. Why is white paint seemingly the default option for many homeowners? We can attribute that choice to a few factors.

For starters, white paint typically works with most design schemes. White cabinets can be gorgeous additions to classic kitchens and mesh well with more modern designs. You can also use them in every other design scheme and create a beautiful kitchen setting. The clean appearance of white paint is universally complementary, so homeowners default to it if they don’t feel strongly about a particular color.

Building color combinations that make sense is easier if you start with white paint as the foundation. The dark paint-white paint color combos are timeless for a reason. Beyond them, white paint can also pair well with some bright hues. You can use white paint to accentuate the appearance of the other bright colors in your kitchen.

Kitchens that feature natural elements have become more popular. Arguably no paint complements natural tones better than white. White paint allows vibrant shades of green and earthy tones to pop.

You can also use white paint to create the illusion of space inside your small kitchen. White kitchen cabinets can seamlessly blend into your walls and ceiling to make your kitchen feel more open. The illusion of space may not make your kitchen any roomier, but it can still help you get more comfortable.

2. Brighten Your Kitchen With a Splash of Yellow Paint

Compared to the color white, yellow is typically not a dominant color inside the kitchen. Of course, it won’t become a dominant color if you’re just using it on your kitchen cabinets. Yellow can be a positive addition to any kitchen setting when utilized that way.

The brightness the color yellow provides is second to none. According to Houzz, yellow excels at brightening its surroundings because it reflects visible light. That’s the same reason why you want to limit the yellow paint to your cabinets.

Take the time to select the right shade of yellow for your intended application. More often than not, a softer shade of yellow works best for cabinets. That subtle color can deliver the brightness you need without overwhelming its surroundings. Use it if you want kitchen cabinets that work more complementary design elements.

Opting for stronger yellow hues is a good idea if you wish to showcase your cabinetry. Draw attention to the exquisite flourishes on your kitchen cabinets with the help of yellow paint. Just make sure the cabinet accessories you want to highlight are darker so they can pair better with your chosen paint job.

3. Stimulate the Senses With Red Paint

Red is likely not the first color you think of when coming up with potential paint options for your kitchen cabinets. It feels like a color that feels more at home in a living room or basement instead of a kitchen. Still, there are reasons why using red paint on your kitchen cabinets can be beneficial.

One of the main arguments for using red paint inside the kitchen is the way it affects a person’s appetite. According to HGTV, the color red is believed to stimulate the appetite. If you like to dine inside your kitchen, your red cabinets may make your meals more appealing.

From an aesthetic standpoint, red can be harder to work with than other common paint options because of how strong it is. The color red may end up clashing with the appliances and fixtures you have in your kitchen. It has to fit into a larger design scheme to mesh well with other kitchen elements.

Establish a rustic kitchen design and use muted red colors to complete it. Muted red tones play well with natural wood, thus allowing you to create a beautiful scene. Red cabinets also look great inside retro-style kitchens. Retro red is an iconic look, and it can give your kitchen more personality.

4. Take Advantage of Blue Paint’s Versatility

You can also use varied shades of blue for cabinet painting. Versatility is the main selling point of blue paint in the kitchen. You can pull off a wide variety of looks using blue paint.

Light or sky blue paints are fantastic fits inside open kitchens. The breezy feel they bring to your kitchen complements the natural light coming from your windows. Sky blue kitchen cabinets are perfect additions to California homes that feature coastal design.

Darker shades of blue boast a powerful look. They can turn your cabinetry into the featured elements of your kitchen. The secret to successfully using dark blue paint in your kitchen is to temper them with neutral colors. Ease the impact of the dark blue by surrounding it with white and gray tones.

The versatile nature of blue paint allows it to thrive in varied kitchen settings. You can use darker blue tones to create more defined lines inside your kitchen. Use them to break up what could otherwise be a monotonous kitchen design. The definition they provide is also useful in larger kitchens.

Blue works just as well inside a smaller kitchen, but you want to use lighter tones this time. Baby blue and sky blue paints help promote better flow inside your kitchen, especially when they are used up high on cabinetry. You can use white paint to create more visual space inside your kitchen, but not everyone prefers to play it safe. Create a different type of kitchen environment by leaning on blue paint instead.

5. Stoke Creativity With Green Paint

Green paint can be a fantastic addition to your kitchen. Consider painting your cabinets green if you like to work inside your kitchen. Surrounding yourself with green kitchen cabinets can be beneficial in a few significant ways.

First, green paint can help you come up with more ideas in the kitchen. According to WebMD, the color green excels at stoking creativity in people. Choosing green paint for your cabinets will be beneficial if you like to experiment in the kitchen.

Different shades of green also belong in the kitchen because of their soothing qualities. The relaxing effects of the color green can help you stay comfortable while preparing lunch or dinner. It’s nice to have that soothing splash of color in what can sometimes be a stressful environment.

The color green is also quite versatile. You can establish a different aesthetic based on the specific shade of green you choose. Lighter shades of green impart an aura of airiness to a kitchen. Meanwhile, the darker shades of green exude refinement.

Using green on your kitchen cabinets can also help from a cleanliness standpoint. Darker shades of green can effectively conceal stains. Take advantage of that benefit if you don’t have the time to clean your kitchen as often as you’d like.

Painting your cabinets is an easy way to refresh your kitchen design. Check out the color suggestions detailed above and pick the new paint job that will work best on your kitchen cabinets. Contact JNG Painting & Decorating today if you need professional kitchen cabinet painting services!

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