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Repaint or Replace Your Kitchen Cabinets?

The role of the kitchen in homes has changed dramatically in recent times. Not even a hundred years ago, the kitchen was really just a food preparation area and not much more. This all started to change after the second world war, and more stability and the rise of the middle class in many countries resulted in kitchens being seen as areas not just where food is prepared, but also where people socialize.

What Should You Do with Your Kitchen

All of this change has meant that modern kitchens are ripe for makeovers. In fact, a really good looking kitchen can just about sell a home if it’s placed on the market. This makes a kitchen renovation well worth looking at, especially if your home is looking a little tired and worn.
A lick of paint can make a whole bag of difference to an old home. It can refresh the walls and other areas and create an entirely different atmosphere. However, when it comes to the kitchen, should you simply repaint or replace your cabinets instead? Why You Should Paint
There are a number of reasons that you might want to consider painting your kitchen cabinets rather than buying new ones, including:

  • Easier: The truth is that painting is going to be easier than replacing your cabinets. It’s quicker and takes less work. This means that you can be done with your kitchen in under a week rather than ripping everything out and replacing it.
  • Cost effective: Perhaps the biggest reason to paint your kitchen cabinets instead of replacing them is that it’s a lot less expensive. Paint technology has improved a lot in recent years, and there are products that will even stick to existing surfaces on cabinets. The cost of this, plus paint and time, means that painting those kitchen cabinets is the less expensive option.

Are There Any Good Reasons to Replace?

Given how inexpensive and easy it is to paint the kitchen, it seems that there are not many good reasons to replace them. However, there are some times when you should take the time and spend the money to replace, including:

  • Tired and worn: The biggest reason to replace kitchen cabinets is that the existing ones are broken and busted. In old homes, kitchen cabinets have had to endure years of wear and tear, and this often means that it makes more economic sense to replace them instead of painting them. What’s the point of spending the time and money to paint them when they’re beyond salvaging?
  • A new look: If you really want new cabinets because you’re sick of the old look, not even the best paint will fix it. This is when you need to invest in brand new cabinets to get the exact look that you want.
    A great looking kitchen can really add value to any home, but you need to make the decision: paint what you have or replace the cabinets. Hire local kitchen cabinet painters today to get started on upgrading your kitchen!

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