Renovate Your Kitchen Cabinets on a Budget

If it has been a while since you renovated your kitchen cabinets, they may be looking like they could use some help. Paint fades over time, and marks and blemishes begin to show. White kitchen cabinets can fade to a dingy yellowish color, and you may start to feel like replacing them is your only option. However, there are great tricks you can do with paint to rejuvenate your tired cabinets and make your kitchen look fresh and new.

Paint Natural Wood Cabinets White

Natural wood can be beautiful, especially when it is new. However, as time goes by, you may want a modern, fresh design. You do not have to replace your cabinets. You can actually paint them white. If you can paint them yourself, it is one of the least expensive and most dramatic renovations you can choose to do.

The most important step is to prepare your cabinets for painting. When you smooth out imperfections and cover your cabinets in a coat of primer, you are setting your cabinets up to look as if they were professionally made. The primer will cover any dark spots in the wood and ensure that your cabinets take the paint evenly. Once they are primed, you can paint them white, and it will look as if you have a brand new kitchen.

Paint Your Cabinets Two Tones

Another very trendy idea is to paint your upper cabinets white and your lower cabinets another color such as mint green or pale blue. This is a fantastic look that will completely transform your kitchen. The white upper cabinets will keep your kitchen looking clean and bright, and the color on the lower cabinets can tie together other accent pieces and make the room feel cozy and inviting. 

Use Gray Paint for a Trending Modern Look

If you already have stainless steel appliances, you can really tie the kitchen together by painting your cabinets gray. Gray cabinets create a modern style, and you can swap your drawer and cabinet pulls for something modern as well. You will instantly update your kitchen, and it will look like you spent a fortune on it. 

Navy Blue Accents

You can give your kitchen an overhaul by painting or repainting your cabinets white and accenting them with navy blue. Navy is crisp and clean, and you can paint the sides and interiors of your cabinets navy to add color to your kitchen. You can also paint your island navy if you have one, and it will tie the kitchen together nicely. 

Alternatively, you could paint your cabinets navy with white accents. This is more of a nautical look, but it will certainly freshen up your kitchen and make you feel as though you just renovated the entire room. You can tie it together with a nautical theme, and there are a lot of options for how you coordinate the colors. Navy and white are fantastic together in the kitchen, so give them a try.

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