Painting Your Ceiling: Traditional or Add a Touch of Color?

When you are painting your ceiling or hiring painters to do the job for you, you can go with traditional flat white paint or you can add a touch of color. Adding color to your ceiling can be fun and add a hint of personality to the room.

You need to consider what color will work best with your home’s style, your decor, and your wall colors. Continue reading to learn about painting your ceiling and the color choices.

White Ceilings

One of the benefits of using white paint on the ceiling is that it makes the ceiling feel higher and the room feel larger. White provides a look that is simple and clean, and it allows the eye to focus on the walls and decor in the room. White is also a great choice when you use a bold color on the walls.

Another time to use white is when you don’t have a lot of natural light in the room. The white ceiling will reflect the light that is available, which brightens the room.

When you use white, you need to consider the colors in your room. You have a range of choices from cool to warm tones. Make sure that the undertones in your white tie in with the rest of the room.

Choosing Ceiling Colors That Contrast the Room

When you select a contrasting color for your ceiling, it can completely change your perception of the space. Some choices might include sky blue, charcoal gray, or a blue-pink color. These colors have a huge impact on how your space feels.

This choice works well in larger rooms with a lot of natural light because it has a tendency to make the ceiling feel lower. You can also apply a glaze over the color to reflect more light and reduce this effect.

Choosing Ceiling Colors to Match the Walls

When you match the ceiling color to the walls, you will shrink the way the room feels. However, people enjoy this in a small room, such as a bedroom or a bathroom, because it brings in a soothing feeling. If you match the ceiling and walls in a larger room, it will pull the room together and allow people to focus on the decor and furniture in the room.

A more subtle option is to take your wall color and dilute it with white. The colors will still match, but the ceiling will be lighter to make it feel larger.

Darker Colors on the Ceiling

The colors you choose will alter the perception and feeling of the room. When you choose darker colors for the ceiling in contrast to light-colored walls, it makes the room feel more intimate. This works well when you have molding separating the ceiling from the walls, and it helps if the room is large with natural light.

Final Words

Painting your ceiling can add a splash of drama to your room. People often stick with traditional white ceilings, but there are times when a touch of color works.

If you have large rooms with a lot of natural light, you can hire painters to do the ceilings in contrast or to match your walls. In smaller rooms, you might want to stick with lighter colors on the ceiling, unless you are creating a cozy, soothing environment.

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