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Painting Tips for Interior Brick Walls

Brick can be incredibly beautiful, especially if it is old and well made. However, there are some brick walls that are not very attractive, and your brick wall may not fit in with your décor. If you find yourself wanting to make a change, you might consider painting your brick wall. You can transform it so it has its own character and ties in with your home. 

How to Prepare the Brick Wall for Painting

Brick requires different prep work from standard drywall walls. It is a porous material, and it may have imperfections and cracks. In addition, there may be deposits that are on the brick. You need to start by cleaning the bricks to remove any residue, dirt, and debris. You can use warm water and soap, and scrub it with a stiff brush. Make sure that you let it dry completely before you start painting. It is safest to wait 24 hours. 

Once your brick wall is clean, you should look for any cracks and other imperfections, and you can fill them in with acrylic caulk. You should be sure to give the caulk plenty of time to dry before you paint.

Choose Your Paint

When you paint your interior brick wall, you will want to start with a coat of latex primer. You should let it dry completely before you move on. This will help to prepare the brick for painting, and the paint will adhere to the primer better than it would the brick alone. In addition, the color of the brick will not bleed through the paint.

You can choose an elastodynamic paint or a regular acrylic latex blend. Elastodynamic paint is great for brick because it has high elasticity, and it will fill in the cracks. When you choose the sheen, you might go with a semi-gloss or a high-gloss finish because it is so easy to clean, and it will show off the texture of the brick nicely. 

You can choose whatever color suits you and ties in with your décor. You can choose between a brush, roller, or paint sprayer to paint your brick wall. Make sure that you paint around the perimeter and lay down drop cloths to protect your floor and areas near the brick wall.

You will want to paint two coats of paint, and be sure to let each coat dry completely. As long as you have cleaned, caulked, and put primer on the brick, your wall will look fantastic when you finish.

Final Words

When you want to paint your interior brick wall, you will need to take the time to prepare the brick. Once you paint the brick, it is very difficult to remove the paint, so make sure that you truly want to paint it. As long as you prepare your wall by cleaning it and filling in the cracks, you can apply the primer, and you will be ready to paint. From refinishing kitchen cabinet doors to repainting brick interiors, our team has got you covered. Give us a call today to learn more

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