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Many Uses of Leftover Paint


It’s common to have leftover paint when you’ve recently painted something in your home. Sometimes you might struggle to use the paint. If you’re looking for good ideas on how to use leftover paint you should read on. You’ll discover many options that might help you to utilize the paint in positive ways.

Use the Paint on Your Wall Trim

Perhaps updating your wall trim would be a good way to use up the leftover paint that you have. There are many options to consider when doing this. You could paint the trim a contrasting color that will add some style to your home. If you have simple white paint leftover, it’ll at least help everything to look fresh. 

Try Painting an Accent Wall

Have you thought about painting an accent wall? Many people like the idea of having contrasting colors in their homes. Accent walls can make a living space have a different vibe, and it’s easy enough to add one to a room. Popular places to paint accent walls include dining rooms, offices, and laundry rooms. 

Paint Your Doors

There could be various doors on your property that could use a fresh coat of paint. Consider sanding the doors down and painting them to make them look new again. You could make the doors look much more vibrant if you do this. Of course, this will depend on the types of doors that you have. 

Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

Your kitchen cabinets might need a bit of a makeover. It’s common for people to use leftover paint to make their kitchen cabinets pop. You might want to add accents to your kitchen cabinets or you could want to repaint every kitchen cabinet. Just ensure that you have enough paint to do the job before getting started. 

Create Art

Do you have any artistic capabilities? It might be interesting to use leftover paint to create unique works of art. Some people like to paint murals in their homes that allow them to express their creativity. This might not be a practical choice for everyone, but it could be a great idea for anyone who has an artistic streak. 

Use Paint to Frame Mirrors 

It’s common for people to own mirrors. You likely have mirrors in your bathroom that could use some sprucing up. Use the leftover paint to frame the mirror and make it look fantastic. You could also add paint to the frame of stand-up mirrors if you have any that could use an upgrade. 

Spruce Up Old Items

Paint can be used to spruce up old items that don’t look great. You might be able to paint an old desk or an end table. Sanding down wooden pieces of furniture and painting them is a practical option when you want to use up leftover paint. You might be able to turn an old item into something that looks truly spectacular. 

You could make something useful out of old garage sale items. Putting in a bit of effort might allow you to have a new decorative piece for your home. Use your imagination and think of the possibilities. A new coat of paint truly can revitalize old pieces of furniture, tables, and many other household items.

Painting has the potential to be a very messy job. When painters do big painting jobs, it often makes sense to use paint rollers. The rollers are easy to use, but you might not be sure how to clean them efficiently. Continue reading to learn how to clean a paint roller as easily as possible. 

Remove Excess Paint From the Roller

To start, you should remove excess paint from the roller. Depending on how this goes, you might be able to recapture some of the paint so you can use it later. Grab a putty knife and start scraping excess paint off of the roller. Your goal is to try to get the paint back in the can. 

It’s best to use long strokes, but you don’t want to use too much force. Too much force will cause bits of dried paint to get into the bucket. Once you’ve reclaimed as much excess paint as you can from the roller, it’ll be fine to clean it off normally. 

Roll Paint Onto the Wall

Roll off as much of the paint onto the wall as you can before you begin normal cleaning. If possible, find a thin spot on the wall and roll the paint onto that spot. If you can get rid of most of the paint this way, the cleaning process will be simpler. Take your time to roll as much paint off as you can and then move forward. 

Clean the Roller Frame

Now it’s time to clean the roller frame. Put on rubber gloves and remove the cover from your roller. The cover can be placed on the side somewhere safe while you focus on cleaning the frame. Cleaning the frame is easier while the paint is still wet. How you should clean the frame depends on what paint you used. 

If you used latex paint, you should wash the frame in a bucket of warm water. Put a few drops of dish soap into the water and scrub the frame thoroughly. Use a firm-bristled brush that can get the job done easily. Dispose of the water properly when you’re done. 

When you’re using oil-based paint, it’ll be necessary to use paint thinner. Use paint thinner and then scrub the frame with a rag. It’s likely best to wear a mask when working with paint thinner. Eye protection can also be beneficial. 

Cleaning the Roller Cover

Cleaning the roller cover will also be different depending on which paint you used. Latex paint can be cleaned off by submerging the roller cover in warm water that has a few drops of dish soap. You can work the paint out of the roller using your hands and then rinse the cover with clean water. Be sure to shake the roller cover to remove excess water and then allow it to dry. 

Oil-based paint is tougher to clean since you’ll be working with paint thinner again. Put the roller cover in a small container with the thinner and use it to remove the paint. You should be able to remove all of the paint with five or six minutes of work. You then wipe the container with water and a rag before rinsing it out thoroughly. 

The roller cover should be allowed to dry and it’s best to place it in a properly ventilated area for several minutes. Wash the cover in warm water and then allow it to dry again. Everything should be clean now and it will be ready to use again the next time you need it. 

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