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How to Make Your Small Rooms Seem Larger

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It’s one of the most time-honored questions of interior decorating – how can you make a small space feel larger? It’s a question that’s especially pertinent for family homes and apartment living. A family home can start to feel pretty cluttered, and apartments in cities such as New York and London aren’t famed for their spaciousness. How can you make these spaces feel bigger without spending a fortune?

There are plenty of tips and tricks that can be used to make a space feel bigger than it really is, from lighting to the arrangement of mirrors. But what about your color scheme? How can you use interior painting to make your walls and rooms seem bigger than they really are?

  1. Use Light Colors

First and foremost, you need to fall back on the oldest trick in the decorating book when it comes to making a room seem larger, and that’s using light colors. Light reflects better off of lighter surfaces than dark ones, and light is the key to making a space look and feel larger. The same holds true for mirrors – the lighter the room’s paint scheme, the more you’ll be able to take advantage of any mirrors’ reflective abilities to make the space seem bigger.

You’ll, therefore, want to opt for beiges, butters, creams, eggshells, and similar light colors.

  1. All in the (Color) Family

One way to make a space seem larger is to make it appear unified. Having the same décor scheme from wall to wall and room to room can make everything feel like a single joined-together whole, which in turn can make everything feel much larger. 

You, thus, want to choose colors from the same color family. If you are going with cream, for example, and want to accent your base color, choose another cream or similar color to do so.

  1. Ceiling Color Contrast

One of the best ways to play around with the perspective of your room and make it feel more spacious is by painting your ceiling a different color than the rest of the space. This works especially well if you’ve followed the second step and have painted your walls, doors, and accented areas in the same color family. Given that backdrop, a differently-colored ceiling can appear even taller than it is, which in turn can make your room appear bigger.

  1. Create an Accent Wall

Another classic way of playing with perspective in painting is to direct the viewer’s eyes to a single space on the canvas. The same trick can work for your home in the form of an accent wall. This wall should be a different color from the rest of the room. The idea is that if this space really stands out and is lit well enough to have the color really pop, it will direct guests’ attention to that point. If that accent wall is positioned at the right point in your room (such as the back or side of your kitchen) it can make the whole space feel bigger.

Make a small space feel all the bigger and bolder with these interior painting tips today.

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