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How the Color of Your Cabinets Affects the Mood of Your Kitchen

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When upgrading your home’s style, it’s critical to think of details like the kitchen cabinets to ensure that you get the look that makes the most sense for you. It’s vital to think about how the color you choose will affect the look and feel of your cabinets. After all, color is far more impactful than many realize. In fact, something as simple as the hues of your cabinets can greatly impact the whole mood of your kitchen. Let’s examine the psychology of colors and the ways that the color of your cabinets can affect your emotional state. Going into your cabinet painting project with the right mindset will help ensure you get the results you deserve.

How Color Impacts Mood

Colors have a unique impact on our moods that can vary slightly by culture and preference. That said, there seems to be an innate reaction that many colors cause. Examining this impact is critical before you decide to paint your cabinets a specific color.

While hues like white and black have different cultural feelings, they cause fairly universal emotional reactions in most people. White is typically seen as a brighter and more welcoming color, while black is harsher.

Furthermore, different shades of the same color can greatly vary based on many factors. For instance, lighter colors with more white typically produce a calmer state of mind, while brighter and darker hues create a more intense feeling. Just think of the idea of “seeing red” to get a great example. Sharp red is typically a more exciting and vibrant color that gets people pumped up, while soft pink feels much calmer.

That said, some hues might be a little overwhelming when used for interior paint. Have you ever walked into a house with vibrant red walls and felt a little nervous or energetic? If so, you can understand why bold colors may be a bit much for some homes, which is why neutral tones have become so popular in recent years.

Perhaps this is why, according to Statista, 41% of Americans said they prefer white as their cabinet color. White is as neutral as you can get and doesn’t trigger any excessive emotions. While some might find it a little boring, it’s unlikely to stir up any negative emotions. Plus, it goes with many different styles of decor.

Why Cabinets Are Particularly Important

Here’s the thing about kitchen cabinets: they typically serve as the centerpiece of the room. Just think about the first thing you see when you walk into a kitchen. Beyond the appliances and tables, you likely look squarely at the cabinets and judge the room based on their appearance, even if you’re not consciously thinking about it.

If this sounds like you, you’re not alone! Many people find their eyes drawn to the cabinets when they go into a kitchen. It’s natural: after all, they take up so much of the kitchen space! As a result, it’s important to get their colors right and balance them with the rest of the styles presented in your kitchen.

Should you center your whole kitchen’s design on your cabinets? Perhaps, but that definitely depends on a few factors. For example, you might already have the rest of your kitchen painted. You shouldn’t feel the need to repaint the whole kitchen to match your cabinets — that would be a bit excessive.

Instead, you need to choose hues that blend naturally with the rest of the room and create the effect that you want. Typically, a kitchen works as the emotional center of a home. By properly painting your cabinets, you can make yourself, your family, and your guests feel more comfortable and content in this room.

Choosing the Effect You Want to Create

What kind of emotional effects do you want your kitchen to bring about? Do you want it to be a welcoming area where everybody enjoys relaxing? Or do you want it to feel a bit more lively? Whatever the case, it’s important to choose your cabinet color carefully.

We strongly recommend that you focus on relaxation in your kitchen to give it a soothing or cozy feel. After all, this is an area where you’ll likely spend a significant portion of your time. You don’t want to feel overwhelmed in this space.

However, in addition to cooking meals in the kitchen, some people may also use this room as an entertainment area for family and friends. If so, you might want more active and exciting colors. These can help make your kitchen a fun place and ensure that everybody feels more excited spending time there.

Colors to Consider for Your Cabinets

Now that you know the importance of color for your kitchen cabinets, it’s time to pick hues that make sense for you! Your cabinet painters can work with you to find an option that works for your needs.

The most obvious color to choose is white, as we already mentioned many Americans prefer it for their cabinets. It creates a neutral style, one that fits well into most kitchen designs. Furthermore, white is also easy to adjust and blends well with just about any other color for maximum effect.

However, we know that white may seem tired to many people. After all, it has been used in no shortage of remodeling and flipping shows over the years. Some might find white too severe and austere and want colors that create a more inviting and interesting style for their kitchen’s look.

For example, you might want to break with tradition and get brightly colored cabinets that make your kitchen more exciting. After all, you’re not sleeping in the kitchen, and a little more excitement may make it more fun. That said, many people may find this approach emotionally fatiguing.

Instead, you might want to integrate more natural colors, like green and brown, to signify renewal, harmony, and natural beauty. Similarly, yellow brings happiness and positive feelings and often works well in kitchens with a lot of sun exposure. Both approaches often blend well with white hues. Blues might also produce a calming effect that can make your meals more relaxing. It all depends on what effect you want to create, so make sure you talk with your painting team about these factors first. Doing so should help make the painting process a lot smoother and more efficient.

No matter what kind of kitchen cabinets you have in your home, it’s critical to choose a paint color that makes sense for your needs. Creating an appealing mood for your cabinets will greatly affect many aspects of your kitchen design, so it’s important to treat this decision with plenty of care.

If you’re not sure which color you want to use for your cabinets, contact our team at JNG Painting & Decorating today for assistance. As skilled and experienced professional painters, we’re more than capable of handling the unique demands of your kitchen, and we’ll go out of our way to provide top-tier customer service throughout every step of the painting process. We’ll be happy to help you choose a color that makes sense for your personal tastes and your home’s overall look and feel. Get in touch with us now to learn more about our painting services and schedule a custom quote. We look forward to giving your kitchen cabinets the gorgeous transformation they deserve!

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