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Feeling Bold? Try These 9 Unconventional Kitchen Cabinet Colors

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Your cabinets are often one of the main focal points in your kitchen. If your cabinets still have a good structure, there’s no need to replace them to revamp things. About 32% of homeowners surveyed by Houzz say they want to personalize at least one feature in their house. You can personalize things with cabinet painting. Read on to see how you can be adventurous with these nine unconventional cabinet colors that make your kitchen pop.

1. Emerald Green

According to the Munsell Color System, there are over 5,000 shades of green and the human eye can detect as many as 4.5 million shades of this hue. If you want a shade of green that adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your space, then go with emerald green. Are you a fan of gold or brass fixtures and accents? Emerald green cabinets compare marvelously with those elements. For extreme contrast, you can also install white countertops and wood accents or floors. Green is already associated with nature, so when you combine it with wooden floors, you can have a touch of nature in your home. What about your walls? Those emerald green cabinets compare well against a beige or much lighter shade of green.

2. Deep Blue

When people think of deep blue, it’s hard not to think of sophistication and class. While deep blue cabinets aren’t the first color that pops into your mind, having them in your kitchen can be a great option for many different styles. First of all, blue and white are a classic contrast that works in fashion as well as home decor. Since deep blue is a darker shade of blue, when you pair it with white or off-white walls, you have a stunning compliment in your kitchen. Deep blue also works well with your stainless steel appliances and marble countertops.

Because it’s a cool color, you can also create an air of relaxation in your kitchen. Are you someone who’s trying to reduce your caloric intake and eat healthier? Cooler colors such as blue can help reduce your appetite, according to the National Institutes of Health. So those deep blue cabinets can help you manage your appetite while bringing a source of sophistication.

You can have a lot of fun with those deep blue cabinets. First of all, blue is a primary color, so if you contrast it with pops of other primary colors like red or yellow accessories in your kitchen, it can have a dynamic effect. You can even use blue’s complement such as orange to add different accents.

3. Coral

Have you ever gone scuba diving or spent a great deal of time near the ocean? Do you want kitchen colors that can remind you of that relaxing time? If so, you may want your cabinet painting professionals to use coral on your updated cabinets. Coral brings warmth and energy to any kitchen space. If you want to do renovations during spring or summer, it’s a great way to invoke feelings of sunny days or tropical vibes. Even once your oceanside vacation ends, you can keep the memories alive during the colder months when you come into your kitchen every day and look at your coral cabinets. Coral cabinets look amazing with white or gray walls, black or silver hardware, and green plants.

4. Mustard Yellow

When you think of mustard yellow, you probably think of one of America’s favorite condiments. However, the spiciness of mustard yellow can go beyond your hot dog or hamburger. Use this color to help your kitchen cabinet stand out from the rest. This edgy color can bring more flair to any kitchen space. Any form of yellow can brighten up a kitchen, but mustard yellow is still a more muted yellow compared to lemon yellow because it has more overtones of brown. If you want a yellow hue that can easily brighten and cheer up a kitchen without overpowering it, a mustard shade is the right option. It pairs well against black countertops, wood, and metal.

5. Plum

If you want another vibrant color, why not consider plum purple cabinets? This shade of purple is a mix of purple and brownish-grey. It can easily match with warm colors like orange, yellow, or gold to create a very inviting atmosphere. Create balance and harmony with lighter shades of blue or gray walls. Further accent them with silver hardware and other kitchen fixtures.

Any shade of purple is also symbolic of relaxation. Do you want your kitchen to serve as a space for you to relax with a cup of tea and enjoy quiet dinners? If so, then purple cabinets can add to that mood.

6. Aquamarine

Are you confused about whether you should have blue or green cabinets? Make things easier by choosing aquamarine. This vibrant color is a mix of blue and green often associated with tropical destinations as it’s the color that you may see in warm waters. If you wanna stick with a blue theme but still keep a sense of warmth, this is the color for you. Capture that feeling of always being at a tropical oasis with this fun and lively color. Create a cozy feel with cream walls and bronze hardware.

7. Cherry Red

Cherry red isn’t the first color that people think of when it comes to kitchen decoration. For some people, red may be too strong and bold to use in the kitchen space where people often opt for white. However, your cherry red kitchen cabinets could buck the trend and make your kitchen space more vibrant than ever. Red is symbolic of romance, passion, and energy.

It’s a highly stimulating color that can encourage anyone to eat a few extra bites of their meal. That’s why you often see this vibrant hue used in food eateries. So if you’re someone who loves to cook and entertain, why not bring the party into your kitchen with cherry red cabinets? Red cabinets look awesome with black or gray countertops, chrome or stainless steel appliances, and white or silver accents.

8. Rosy Pink

Have you ever thought about rosy pink cabinet painting? Rosy pink is often associated with femininity, softness, and childhood. Rosy pink can also create a mood of cheerfulness and charm. If you want people to feel happy and at peace when in your kitchen, rosy pink cabinets can help set that mood.

9. Onyx Black

Last but not least, don’t sleep on the color onyx black. Many people wrongfully associate darker colors with doom and gloom, but they couldn’t be more wrong. For many people, onyx black is associated with elegance, class, and sleekness. So if you’re going for a more modern, minimalist look that can stand out, then onyx black cabinets can help. Onyx black can have overtones of other shades as well. You can have black cabinet paint that’s cooler with under shades of blue or purple, or one that has more bursts of red shining through.

As you can see, cabinet painting doesn’t have to be boring! If you’re tired of staying neutral and safe, these are some colors to consider as you update your kitchen cabinets. To get started on your bold cabinet color project, give our team a call today at JNG Painting & Decorating. We can help you get closer to your dream kitchen.

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