Choosing the Right Ceiling Paint Color is Critical

Believe it or not, painting the ceilings in your home can be quite critical. If you have just moved into a place, you don’t want to have some murky yellow-white ceiling that the previous tenant left. Keep the ceiling crisp and white however you can.

But white isn’t the only option that there is for painting your ceiling. What if you want to mix it up and do something a little bit different? See this as an opportunity rather than a task. Especially in smaller spaces, where opportunities for design can be limited, the ceiling presents itself as something of an additional canvas.

Playing Off the Walls

One way to approach this situation is to find the color of your walls – or if you are starting over, you already know the color of your walls – and mix a few drops of that into your white ceiling paint. Just a few drops will do; you don’t want to overpower the white color of the paint.

Of course, you could go the opposite route and try something that relates to the combo of your walls. Again, your ceiling does not have to be white. It’s your ceiling, do what you want with it. Maybe the idea of color-blocking with a dark and light version of the same hue is something that will really appeal to you visually.

Take some time to put things down on paper first; the last thing that you want to do is paint the ceiling and end up hating it. Then you’re either forced into painting it back to white or sticking with a color that you hate.

Playing Off the Walls…in a Different Way

While using similar hues is something of a popular trend, there is also another way to go: hire professional painters to paint your ceiling the same color as your walls. This provides something of an enveloping look and feel. You can even go a step further and coat the base skirting as well as the cornice if they have clean lines to work with.

Go a step further and try to match your furniture to your color scheme for a completely monochromatic look. This can look spectacular if it is pulled off correctly.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark Side

People tend to stray away from darker colors because they fear it might enclose the room. But dark colors can almost give off a feeling of infinite space. That darker value can create the illusion that the ceiling opens up like something of a light sky.

With the right complimentary pieces, the space can feel more open than you ever thought and the ceiling can become almost a faux-skylight, only looking into the stars as opposed to a blue sky. If you are looking to really get creative with it, that could be a very cool way to go.

Your ceiling can play an important part in the visual aesthetic of your home and getting creative with it can really provide a new and interesting look.

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