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The beautiful, growing city of Powell, Ohio, is home to several lovely residential neighborhoods and charming homes. When your home loses its aesthetic appeal due to age and typical wear and tear, turn to the experts at JNG Painting and Decorating. Our experienced cabinet painters in Powell, OH, can quickly transform your cabinets and other essential kitchen elements. 

Restore the look of your kitchen with quality residential house painting for cabinets.

High-Quality Cabinet Painting in Powell, OH

When your deteriorating cabinets start to negatively affect the allure of your kitchen, bathroom, or any other room, you don’t need a complete renovation. JNG Painting and Decorating’s professional cabinet painters in Powell can quickly and affordably restore your attractive home interior. We use professional-grade equipment and high-quality paint to create a fresh and beautiful cabinet look.

Refinishing or painting your cabinets on your own may seem like a good idea, but it’s better to leave the job to trained experts. Our professional Powell cabinet painters have essential experience, tools, and knowledge that allows them to produce the best results. Further, we’ll take every necessary step to ensure that your cabinets remain safe and damage-free.

Benefits of Cabinet Painting in Powell, OH

Bathroom and kitchen cabinet painting is cheaper and quicker than a complete renovation. While renovating can take weeks or even months, cabinet painters in Powell can finish the job in as little as one day.

Another advantage of opting for a cabinet painting service rather than renovation includes its more eco-friendly process. Updating your current cabinets with a fresh coat eliminates waste.

Why Choose JNG Painting and Decorating in Powell, OH

When you want high-quality cabinet painters in Powell, OH, to restore your home’s aesthetic appeal, choose JNG Painting and Decorating. Our cabinet painting services come with an industry-leading seven-year warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We’ll work tirelessly to bring your dream cabinet refinishing project to life.

While some companies hire sub-contractors to complete the work, JNG Painting and Decorating believes in maintaining quality control. As such, only our W-2 employees will work on your cabinet painting with professional-grade equipment. 

Learn more about improving your kitchen aesthetic. Check out our professional kitchen cabinet refinishing services. 

Call JNG Painting and Decorating for Professional Cabinet Painting in Powell, OH

You don’t need to accept discoloration and wear and tear on your bathroom or kitchen cabinets as standard. When searching for a solution, you might think renovating is the best solution. However, professional cabinet painting is cheaper and quicker than purchasing brand-new cabinets, and it can produce stunning results.

The expert cabinet painters at JNG Painting and Decorating have experience in the industry. We know what it takes to ensure a fresh and attractive finish that looks brand-new. You’ll benefit from stunning results for years to come. 

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