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Are you looking for the best cabinet painting service? Call JNG Painting & Decorating today for outstanding cabinet painting in Hilliard, OH.

Are you looking for high-quality painting service experts near Hilliard with lots of experience taking a kitchen and transforming it into something fresh and beautiful? The team at JNG Painting & Decorating has an experienced team of professional cabinet painters in Hilliard, OH, so you can get a new look for your home with a simple coat of paint. 

Change the look of your cabinetry today with a kitchen cabinet painting service team that does it all.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting in Hilliard, OH 

JNG Painting & Decorating offers Hilliard, OH, residents with premium painting services. Painting your cabinets is an affordable way to completely change the look of your kitchen without replacing the existing cabinetry. In addition to being affordable, painting your cabinets is the more eco-friendly option because you do not have to outsource new wood and cabinet materials or throw away old ones.

Kitchen cabinet painting involves many procedures. These steps include removing cabinet doors, prepping all surfaces with tarps, performing detail work in hard-to-reach areas, sanding, priming, and reassembling the cabinets post-paint job. 

All these steps are a lot of work, so leave it up to cabinet painters in Hilliard, OH, who can ensure a job well done that stands the test of time and looks beautiful.

JNG Painting & Decorating is the premier choice for cabinet painting in Hilliard, OH. We promise quality as we never use subcontractors to complete any paint job. Instead, we handle all painting services with trained and knowledgeable W-2 employees, assuring high-end results for every customer.

Local Hilliard, OH, Cabinet Refinishing Services

Not every homeowner wants to paint their kitchen cabinets. Fortunately, painting is not the only way to revamp your cabinets and give them a new look. Staining your cabinets is a great way to alter their look by sanding and restaining them in your selected color.

Glazing is an excellent choice for adding a pop of color and dimension to your kitchen cabinets. Glazing often transforms the surface with a coat of semi-transparent finish that tends to appear in molding and edges. These glazes may create an antique finish or a shiny appearance. 

Whether refinishing or painting, let JNG Painting & Decorating take care of your cabinet refinishing services for your next remodel.

Personalize every part of your home with residential house painting.

Perks of Choosing Hilliard, OH, Professional Cabinet Painters

Choosing JNG Painting & Decorating for your next paint job comes with many benefits. New paint improves the look of your kitchen cabinets, enhances your property value, and allows you to customize your home without expensive and time-consuming renovation projects.

JNG Painting & Decorating’s team of cabinet painters in Hilliard, OH, provides premier craftsmanship, free estimates, and a complete satisfaction guarantee. 

Speak with JNG Painting & Decorating by calling (614) 209-8569. Let our experienced team of cabinet painters in Hilliard, OH, start your kitchen transformation today!

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