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8 Signs It’s Time to Hire an Interior Painting Company

Your interior paint plays a critical role in the overall feel of your home. Whether you’re tackling some difficult work in your home office, preparing a delicious meal in your kitchen, or spending quality time with the family in your living room, the walls surrounding you have a profound impact on your mood. As such, it’s essential to have high-quality paint in colors that evoke positive emotions. If your house hasn’t felt like home lately, it might be time for a new paint job in one or more rooms. The following eight signs are strong indicators that you should contact your local interior painting company right away.

1. The Paint Has Faded

Fading paint can be difficult to notice since the change in color is so gradual. However, if it’s been a few years since a room was last painted, some fading is practically guaranteed. This is especially true for rooms that receive a lot of natural light through windows. Paint in darker colors is also known to fade more drastically over time.

If your paint feels less vibrant than it used to, it’s probably not just your imagination. Hiring interior painters will help restore your walls to their former glory. Plus, the best professionals will use high-quality paint that resists fading, helping to ensure that the results of your interior painting project will last a long time before you need a refresh.

2. The Paint Is Damaged

Even if you take great care of your walls, a little wear and tear is inevitable over the years. This may appear in the form of stains or scuff marks that simply won’t come out no matter what cleaning products or techniques you use. You may also notice bubbling or peeling paint as a result of exposure to humidity. You might even have more noticeable signs of damage like cracks or holes.

The longer you leave damaged walls unattended, the worse the problem is likely to become. Professional painters can not only give your walls the refresh they need but also utilize expert strategies to prevent future damage.

3. The Color Scheme Is Outdated

According to Zippia, 59% of homes in the United States were constructed before 1980. If you’ve owned your home for a while, the interior design trends have definitely changed since you first bought your property. The longer you’ve gone without an interior painting upgrade, the more likely it is that your home looks dated.

Choosing the perfect colors to update your home can be challenging. After all, there are so many gorgeous options to choose from! If you’re having trouble deciding what colors to use to bring your home to the modern era, rest assured that your interior painting company can help you. The right professionals will have no shortage of knowledge of the latest home design trends, and they’ll be able to help you choose the ideal shade for any room in your home.

4. The Colors Clash

While the individual colors of your walls may be in line with the current trends, that alone isn’t enough to make your home look attractive. It’s important to choose the right color combinations for a cohesive look. Clashing paint colors can make a home feel overwhelming, leading to lessened comfort for your family and your guests.

Your interior painting company can help you choose new paint colors that pair seamlessly with your furniture, wall art, and other interior design elements. They can also advise you on the best options to ensure each room flows well into the next.

5. You Want to Add Some Excitement

While many homeowners prefer a subtle, neutral look, artsier types may want a home that looks more unique. If a room in your home feels dull and uninspired, new paint can be the perfect way to add a bit of intrigue. Switching to a bright, striking interior paint color will be sure to get your guests talking, but if you’re not ready to take this big of a leap, there are tamer ways to make a space stand out.

Accent walls are often an excellent choice for homeowners who want to experiment with bold colors without taking too big of a risk. If this is something that interests you, your interior painting professionals can help you choose the perfect colors for both your accent wall and the surrounding walls.

6. You’ve Just Moved In

If you’ve recently closed on a new home, interior painting should definitely be at the top of your list of priorities! Your interior design should be a reflection of your and your family’s style, and chances are that whatever choices the previous homeowner made for their walls aren’t quite in line with your preferences.

Even if you do like the current colors of your walls, it’s still in your best interest to add a new coat of paint. The previous paint may have been applied a long time ago, and if so, it’s inevitably become damaged or faded over the years. The walls may have also last been painted by an unskilled team or as a DIY project. Hiring interior painters you know you can trust for a refresh will give you peace of mind that your walls will stay in great shape for a while.

7. You’re Selling Your Home

On the flip side, you may be preparing to move out of your home. Investing in interior painting is also a wise choice in this situation. Think of it from the perspective of a buyer: wouldn’t you feel more confident buying a home if you know it’s been painted recently? A fresh coat of paint lets buyers know that you take good care of your house and it won’t need a ton of work after they buy it.

Updating the colors of your interior paint can also help streamline the home sale process. Buyers will have an easier time envisioning their own decor in a home that’s painted in neutral, understated colors. If your home looks too personalized, it can be offputting. Hiring interior painters before you snap any photos or schedule any tours will help make your home more desirable, increasing your likelihood of a fast sale and a good profit.

8. You’re Ready for a Change

Keeping the same color scheme for too long can make your home start to feel boring over time. Changing things up every now and again helps keep things fresh. If you think it might be time to try something new, it can’t hurt to talk to interior painters.

Professionals can help you find the perfect paint colors for your desired look and feel. Whether you’re looking to make a subtle change or completely transform a room, they’ll have plenty of options available to make your dream a reality.

Do any of the signs above apply to your home? If so, it’s definitely time to reach out to your local painting service. Whether you’re keeping your current paint colors or trying out a whole new look, an interior painting project is the perfect way to give your home new life. As you prepare for this upgrade, it’s important to choose a professional team that can fully meet your needs. If you’re looking for an interior painting company that will go above and beyond to deliver stunning results and top-of-the-line customer service, look no further than JNG Painting & Decorating. Our team has the necessary experience and skills to make your home look better than ever before. Contact us today if you’re ready to schedule a custom quote or learn more about our services. We look forward to working with you!

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