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8 Reasons to Refresh Your Cabinets Before Selling Your Home

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When you decide to sell your home, one of the best investments you can make is refreshing your kitchen cabinets. According to Zippia, nearly 60% of all the homes in the U.S. were built before 1980. And unfortunately, many of those homes haven’t had their cabinets refreshed. Outdated or damaged cabinets can leave buyers with a bad impression and decrease your home’s value. On the flip side, updated, well-designed cabinets align with current trends that homebuyers find most appealing. Investing in minor cabinet refreshes or full-on refacing with a reputable kitchen cabinet refinishing company pays major dividends in boosting your sale price. Here are eight compelling reasons why refreshing those cabinets should be on your to-do list.

1. Modernize the Style

When potential home buyers tour your kitchen, do they cringe at the sight of outdated oak cabinets from 30 years ago? Or even sleek white cabinets that now appear passé? Remember that buyers want to envision themselves living in the home. So if your cabinetry screams “stuck in the wrong decade,” it’s time to call your local kitchen cabinet refinishing company for a style upgrade. Simple solutions like replacing doors and hardware can modernize the look without busting your budget. And refacing kits allow you to resurface cabinets affordably. Evaluate current kitchen trends and choose timeless door styles with finishes that today’s buyers crave. By aligning your cabinets with subtle contemporary or popular transitional aesthetics, you’ll avoid turning off buyers.

2. First Impressions Matter

You’ve likely heard that first impressions mean everything. This maxim proves especially true when selling your home. When potential buyers step into your kitchen for the first time, you want their instant impression to be “wow!” Kitchens sell homes, so that first glimpse needs to feel fresh and inviting. Yet disheveled or outdated-looking cabinets rarely elicit a positive reaction. Minor fixes like tightening loose hinges, replacing knobs, and clearing clutter go a long way toward an improved first impression. But upgrading the overall style and finish with the assistance of a skilled kitchen cabinet refinishing company takes it to the next level. Crisp, white shaker cabinets or rich espresso-stained doors make buyers eager to imagine prepping family meals in your functional kitchen.

3. Lighten Dark Cabinets

Dark stained oak or cherry kitchen cabinets oozed sophistication 20 years ago. But consumer tastes have gradually shifted towards lighter, painted cabinets with hints of color. An easy upgrade any kitchen cabinet refinishing company can execute involves lightening those reddish wood tones. Try a light sand followed by stain-blocking primer and creamy painted finish. Or opt for cabinet refacing kits offered in driftwood, linen, or dove to open up the space. Remember, light, bright kitchens sell, and dark heavy cabinets can unconsciously make kitchens feel small or dated to buyers. Take some time to observe current kitchen trends and note the proliferation of white, two-tone, and light gray cabinets. Jump on this preference for lighter shades to maximize your home’s appeal.

4. Create the Illusion of Space

Creating space in any kitchen starts with the cabinets. An ideal kitchen is comfortable, not cramped. Making space is tricky because there is no practical way to make something bigger or smaller, but there are ways around this to create the illusion of extra space. Choosing a color that complements your walls and trimming can be the difference maker in creating the illusion of space. You want to create an effect that blurs the lines between your cabinets and the ceiling, making it difficult to notice where one ends and the other begins. Alongside this, cabinets in lighter colors can do wonders for opening up dull spaces in your kitchen. At the end of the day, a kitchen should feel comfortable and spacious. “Opening” up your kitchen can attract the right buyers to your house.

5. Fix Any Damages

While checking over your kitchen, carefully inspect each cabinet for damage that may detract buyers. Older cabinet materials, dents, warped stiles, peeling veneers, yellowing finishes, and stuck drawers all call for repair. Your kitchen cabinet refinishing company can advise quick fixes for minor issues along with quotes for refacing or replacing cabinets beyond salvation. Remember that defects draw scrutiny. So, fix dents, sand drips, or other imperfections in finishes; replace broken hinges; and ensure all drawers slide smoothly. Taking time to carefully inspect each cabinet and correct flaws prevents buyers from questioning quality and workmanship.

6. Align With Home Style

Kitchen cabinets play a huge role in establishing the aesthetic style within a home. As an essential backdrop anchoring the space, your finish choices should align with the prevailing décor. For instance, traditional homes deserve carved raised-panel doors with decorative hardware and luxe paint treatments. Meanwhile, sleek slab cabinets and minimalist hardware match contemporary interiors. Farmhouse aesthetics embrace visible wood grains and visible metal accents. Your kitchen cabinet refinishing company can recreate almost any imaginable cabinet style. So consider finishes and details that unify the kitchen with the surrounding home style. Updating cabinets to complement the home’s architecture demonstrates design savvy that buyers will appreciate instantly.

7. Increase Resale Value

Beyond just looking outdated, worn or damaged cabinets negatively impact your home’s resale value. Yet remodeling magazine surveys prove updating cabinets delivers huge returns on investment. Even smaller-scale refinishing costs pay off exponentially compared to dated existing cabinetry. Additionally, refreshed cabinets tend to speed up the selling process. Partnering with a reputable kitchen cabinet refinishing company constitutes money wisely spent. Within any home improvement budget for selling, cabinets should take priority. Fresh white shaker or sleek modern designs crafted by kitchen cabinet refinishing companies lure buyers and drive higher sale prices. Updating cabinets truly sets listings apart while capturing premium value.

8. Enjoy Your Kitchen Before You Sell

Whether it’s going to work, watching the kids, or watching your favorite football team, life can be stressful. Selling your house on top of this can make the world feel like it’s collapsing in on itself. Fortunately for you, there is a brand new five-star restaurant right next to you when you wake up. Now that you’ve spent all of this time and effort on bringing value to your house, it’s time to kick up your feet, dust off the family cookbook, and treat yourself to a nice meal. Don’t be afraid to get active in your new kitchen. You can admire your brand-new cabinets while indulging yourself in a homemade meal.

Whether you’re planning minor cabinet freshening or complete transformations, updating your kitchen cabinets deserves priority. Stylish, pristine cabinetry not only leaves buyers with fantastic first impressions but also boosts listing appeal and resale value. Carefully evaluate the current state of your cabinets. Identify problem areas in your existing layout, and rest assured that kitchen cabinet refinishing companies can cost-effectively transform the space. With endless style possibilities, refreshed cabinets check multiple boxes for picky home buyers. Investing in this essential kitchen backdrop nearly guarantees lucrative financial returns when you list your home for sale. If you’re looking at kitchen cabinet refinishing companies to hire, turn to JNG Painting & Decorating. Call us today and let us complete an in-person examination of your kitchen so we can come up with a plan to refresh your cabinets before your home hits the market.

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