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3 Signs Your Cabinets Need Some TLC

According to Forbes, kitchen cabinet painting services range in price from $400 to $1,250, with an average project costing an estimated $750. If your cabinets are looking a bit worse for wear, a new paint job could be just what they need. There are a number of signs that your cabinets are in need of a refresh. Read this blog to learn about three of those signs!

1. Chipped or Peeling Surface

Cabinets see a lot of wear and tear, and before too long, there are definite signs of use. This is especially true if you have an active family or enjoy entertaining. When your cabinets are chipped or peeling, a new paint job can effectively resolve the issue. Taking action now can prevent the problem from growing worse. Don’t wait until your cabinets’ appearance is detrimental to the entire look of your kitchen. Now is an ideal time to have them sanded, painted, and looking like new!

2. Dated or Tired Appearance

Kitchen trends come and go, and even some of the most traditional styles can look tired after a while. If your cabinets are in great shape, but you’re no longer happy with their appearance, having them painted is an ideal solution. There’s a wide variety of options that are available, including different paint colors, textures, and glosses. Why not get creative and give your kitchen an exciting new look? The sky’s the limit regarding the different styles and design aesthetics that can be captured with a new paint job.

3. Broken or Missing Hardware

Hardware is often a focal point of kitchen cabinets. They can lend a lot of style to your kitchen, no matter if it’s traditional or modern. Once your hardware becomes dated, or functioning properly, it’s time for an update. There’s no need to replace cabinets that are in otherwise great shape when a little TLC will do the trick. Combining new hardware with a fresh coat of paint will completely transform both the look of your cabinets and your entire kitchen. Start exploring the possibilities today! New hardware coupled with cabinet repainting will solve any cabinet issue that you may have.

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