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10 of the Hottest Trending Kitchen Cabinet Colors

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If you’re like most homeowners, you want beautiful kitchen cabinets that provide enough storage in your kitchen. However, if you have sturdy cabinets that you don’t need to remove, why not invest in kitchen cabinet painting? With kitchen cabinet painting you can utilize the latest color trends to update your cabinets and have them look like new. Here are the hottest trending kitchen cabinet colors.

1. Navy Blue

Navy blue has been a popular color throughout the years for many reasons. Whether you wear a navy blue suit or paint your office navy blue, you have a solid and comfortable color that can evoke feelings of class and elegance. This deep and sophisticated color adds that same elegance to any kitchen. Pair these cabinets well with silver hardware, marble countertops, and white backsplashes. Do you have a classic kitchen that has white walls as well as lighter wooden or tile floors? These elements can create a stunning contrast with your navy blue cabinets.

2. Sage Green

How do you feel about nature? If you love incorporating the freshness of nature into your home, you can’t go wrong with sage green cabinets. This soft and soothing color brings a sense of tranquility to your kitchen. Pair them with natural materials like wood, stone, and bamboo. A current trend with kitchen fixtures is the use of gold. Imagine how gold can compliment your sage green cabinetry.

3. Black

When it comes to kitchen cabinets, you may not automatically think about the color black. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that black is only associated with doom and gloom. After all, black is quite an elegant color. However, when you want to make a bold statement in your kitchen, you can’t go wrong with this choice. Like white, black is simply a timeless and easily versatile color that matches with just about anything. Just because you have black cabinets doesn’t mean you have to paint your entire kitchen black and make it look closed in. Instead, utilize black cabinets to create a dark sense of contrast that can play into a very modern design theme. Many people are going for the minimalist look in their kitchens and black smooth cabinets can be a part of that. When it comes time to update appliances, countertops, or backsplashes, you can really have fun with different colors since they can all complement black.

4. Gray

Not sure what color to use? Make things easy on yourself and go totally neutral with gray. Gray is another classic and neutral color you can use to adapt to any kitchen design. Create a calm and sophisticated atmosphere, or a warm and cozy one, depending on the shade and undertone you pick. Gray cabinets also match well with almost any color scheme, from bright and colorful to monochrome and metallic. If you’re someone who likes to have fun changing your kitchen theme occasionally, gray is a good background to use if you don’t want white or black.

5. Yellow

Did you know that yellow symbolizes friendship? Many people also associate yellow with the sun. Brighten up your kitchen and improve your mood with some bold yellow cabinets. You can have an intense bright yellow or a more subtle canary yellow. A yellow cabinet is bound to add life and vitality to your kitchen. Since it’s such a bright color, it can also make a smaller kitchen feel more spacious. Yellow is a great way to show your personality and warmth. Further complement yellow with gray, white, or blue accents. Yellow can also go well with brown, so if you have wooden floors in your kitchen, you can create a very warm, earthy vibe.

6. Red

You may not have seen too many people with red cabinets. Why not be the first in your inner circle to take such a bold risk? It’s hard to step into a kitchen with red cabinets and not notice them. This bold, vibrant color can bring energy and vibrancy to any room it’s in, especially your kitchen. For a dynamic contrast, you may wish to pair red with white walls or even with black. Red also goes well with accents of gray, including your natural stone countertops such as those made from granite. You can have a ball with the backsplashes that you could incorporate with red cabinets as well as your stainless steel appliances.

7. White

Do you want a timeless color that can stand the test of time for decades? You simply can’t go wrong with white cabinets. These cabinets can contribute to making your kitchen look clean, bright, and spacious. Your kitchen can look very sleek and modern or fresh and airy, depending on how your design goes. With white cabinets as the center of your kitchen, you don’t have to stress out over other colors or designs to pair them with.

8. Blush Pink

Do you enjoy the feminine charm of pink? Maybe you just want a charming whimsy color that can make people feel happy. What better way to set the mood than with blush pink cabinets? Pink also creates a very fun vibe that makes it impossible to not feel good when you’re around. The right shade of pink can be very sweet, or it can also look more chic and glamorous. Pink is a color that goes great with silver hardware on those cabinets. Consider pairing it with yellow or white.

9. Turquoise

Turquoise is a cool and refreshing color that can add some life and energy to your kitchen. Use these cabinets to create a tropical and beachy look. Do you have a thing for retro and vintage items? With the right accessories, you can have a throwback style that is worthy of showing off on Pinterest. Turquoise cabinets also complement warm tones like coral, orange, or yellow.

10. Purple

There are many reasons why people love purple and why you could use it for your kitchen cabinets. Purple is associated with elegance, but it’s also equally associated with relaxation. It can make your kitchen look more luxurious and elegant. Purple cabinets can create a regal and sophisticated look, or a cozy and relaxing one. After all, whether you have a light purple hue or a dark one, it can have an effect on the tone you’re trying to set. A light purple cabinet can represent more fun and cheekiness, whereas a darker purple one can be considered more sleek and modern. Purple cabinets also work well with gold or silver hardware, as well as white or gray countertops.

Home remodeling is an over $400 billion industry, according to Ruby Home. A popular home remodeling project residents love is kitchen cabinet painting. You have so many colors to consider for your cabinet design. You can opt for a fun vibe, a classic vibe, an elegant one, or a more intimate atmosphere. With these color trends, it’s easy to have fun with design and see what works for you. Luckily, you don’t have to make a decision on your own. When you contact our team JNG Painting & Decorating, we can provide the expertise you need to transform your cabinets. Get in touch with us today for a consultation!

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